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photosmaller1I am Kumar Kambam, a BI and DW professional. I have been working with OBIEE (also known as Siebel Analytics yesteryears) and Informatica for a long time now. I am currently working with BI Consulting Group (BICG). This Blog is my attempt to share my knowledge with the world. I will write here as often as I can about whatever I come across in the BI and DW space. Also please visit Oracle BI Blog by BICG where my colleagues often contribute at.
The views expressed here by me are entirely mine and do not necessarily express the views of my Employer or Clients.



  1. Hi Kumar,

    I am in the process of learning OBIEE. I need to buy a laptop, but all the machines are coming Vista pre-installed. Which version of Vista is compatible with OBIEE and Oracle Database server? The OBIEE has Informatica, DAC Server and BI Server and others. Can all the components is installable on Vista.

    Please, let me know, in detail. I am in desparate need for some help in this regard.

    Abdul Moyeed

    Comment by Abdul Moyeed | January 13, 2009

  2. Abdul,
    OBIEE is compatible with Windows Vista. I personally detest Vista, so I replaced it with Windows about a year and a half ago and never went back to Vista, so I did not have an opportunity to explore if Informatica works with Vista. All the components work fine with Windows XP Pro. I think you have an option to downgrade to Windows XP if you buy Windows Vista Business edition. Good Luck!

    Comment by Kumar Kambam | January 16, 2009

  3. Hi Kumar…I am regular reader of ur blogs

    hey can please tell how LTS work and if we more that one LTS then how BI server work ,how we need to define content Levels .

    please help me


    Comment by imran | February 1, 2009

  4. hey kumar iam regular reader of your forums,can you please tell me how a variable work in OBIEE…?


    Comment by imran | February 2, 2009

  5. Kumar – nice blog, with very clear instructions. Keep up the good job…Appreciate ur contribution

    Comment by OBI_Leran | February 17, 2009

  6. Hello Kumar
    I have face to face interview i need some imp points complex reports and what problems generally will occur in building the complex report any realtime scenerio will be appreciated at the earlist

    Thank you

    Comment by swati | February 19, 2009

  7. Hello Kumar
    I have face to face interview i need some imp points complex reports and what problems generally will occur in building the complex report any realtime scenerio will be appreciated at the earlist

    Thank you

    Comment by swati | February 19, 2009

  8. Hi Kumar,
    Can you please let me know whether informatica 8.1.1 is compatible with oracle 11g database? Also can you please provide the installation document for informatica 8.1.1 on RHEL 4 32 bit OS.

    Comment by Mahesh | April 2, 2009

  9. Hi Kumar,

    i have to learn more about External Database Authentication.
    i hope you will share how to set up the external database security step by step. i went through some notes in some websites and tried to do it, but couldn’t set up it. please also mention what other things we can do with this external database security other than authenication.

    thank you

    Comment by rakesh | April 25, 2009

  10. Hi Kumar,
    We are new to OBIEE and the development team is no longer tiwth the company. Our Sales reps are not getting any records when they run the reports from dashboards and always ‘No Results’. Please help us to resolve this issue and would greatrly appreciated your response.

    Comment by Techy | April 28, 2009

  11. Hi Kumar,

    I need your advise. How can I increase the MAX row limiut from 650000? I tired adding an wml entry in the instanceconfig.xml but it did not work. Thank you,

    Los Angeles Unified School District

    Comment by gil | May 6, 2009

  12. Thank you very much for publishing valuble details about LDAP and OBIEE.

    Comment by Chathura W | May 12, 2009

  13. Hi Kumar.

    I am from Chile, and new in OBIEE. I have worked with Hyperion about four years, and now I am trying to connect Oracle Essbase 11 with Oracle BI Server 10.1.3.
    I not know if you know Essbase database. My doubt is about the mode that OBI Server work, because I understand that it principally working with Relational Database, so Essbase is a Multidimensional Database and when I try to view data in a report from OBI Server (from excel for example) I cannot put two “tables” (dimensions in Essbase) in the report.
    If you are knowledge about this integration, I am extremely grateful that you share with me.

    Kind regards,

    Andrés Solar C.

    Comment by Andrés Solar | May 15, 2009

  14. Hi kumaran,

    These are excellent postings. Keep going…..

    Thanks a lot……. this was very useful for me….

    Sreekar Suri.

    Comment by Sreekar Suri | July 8, 2009

  15. Hey Kumar,

    All the Blog Posts are very informative.

    Keep posting when you have time.


    Comment by Allwin | January 6, 2010

  16. Hi Kumar,

    I like the way you explain and the flow of screenshots.
    Thanx for ur efforts

    Comment by Chandan | September 3, 2010

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