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OBI Apps Informatica Performance Tuning – Optimizing SIL Read Throughputs – Teradata Response Buffer Size Optimization

Teradata Response Buffer Size

For the reader connection to source data from a Teradata database, ODBC connection is used out of the box. There is another option using piped FastExport utility connection with which there has been mixed success and will be discussed in a later blog post. OBDC can be tuned to achieve better performance in read throughput by changing the response buffer size. MaxRespSize is used to change the value in ODBC.ini. The default is 8192. The max value that can be specified is 1048576. From experience at a client site, simply specifying the max value did not help in improving the throughput. Increase the value systematically to determine the sweet spot for a network. The graph bellow illustrates throughputs achieved at different MaxRespSize values



Description=Teradata Linux 64-bit












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Simplifying Migration Process – Changing Environment Specific Variables in RPD


When it comes to migrating repository file between environments (Dev – TEST-Prod), one of the common questions from OBIEE environment administrators is if there is a way to change the connection information without having to change them manually in all the places.

Creating repository variables for DSN and DSN Username solves the issue to an extent. However, imagine having to deal with changing multiple DSNs and their respective usernames. Moreover, there is the setting password to the DSN username. One way to automate the setting of the variables is to store the values in a file and set them via admin tool command line mode.

First, define repository variables that can be used in the connection pool.



Reference the DSN information in the connection pool.


Now create a control file SetVariables.txt with the environment specific values.


‘To Open rpd – Open <rpdname> <Administrator User> <administrator password>

Open YourRpd.rpd    Administrator     SADMIN

‘Setting OLAP DSN variable

SetProperty    “Variable”    “OLAP_DSN”    Initializer    ” ‘QA_DSN’ ”

‘ Setting OLAP DSN Username variable

SetProperty    “Variable”    “OLAP_DSN_USER”    Initializer    ” ‘QA_User’ ”

‘Setting OLAP DSN User QA database password

SetProperty “Connection Pool” “AppDW”.”Connection Pool” “Password” “QAPassword”







Create one per environment.

In the command line run the following command:

AdminTool.exe /command SetVariables_QA.txt


And the repository is now prepped for the other environment (QA in this case).





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